Third secondment of Ikha SafitriUTAN to UM

During my secondment as part of GHaNA project at MMS laboratory, I performed mass cultivation of Haslea ostrearia using instant ocean medium to produce the culture supernatants and marennine solution. The cultures were harvested every 2 weeks. On the other hand, I was also able to produce marennine solution using Provasoli 1/3 medium (based on natural seawater) and the cultures could be harvested every 6 days, approximately. Then, the supernatants were filtered for further experiment.


I also performed a small experiment about an axenic culture of Haslea strains with different initial cell numbers in different concentrations of antibiotic. In addition, I got an opportunity to study about the isolation of single cells from natural phytoplankton samples and the mechanism of sexual reproduction by crossing Haslea strains.