1st Secondment of Pamela PasettoUM to UQAR

In my first secondment to Canada in the framework of the GHaNA project my main objective was to visit the partner Université du Québec à Rimouski with which the research work carried out in my chemistry laboratory in Le Mans is strictly linked. The period was chosen in order to go with Lila, the post-doc researcher that has started to work on marennine purification and extraction in Le Mans in November 2016, and who also used the GHaNA mobility to work in UQAR. This was a unique chance to meet everybody involved in the topic in Rimouski and discuss at the beginning of the project of the results reached separately so far, and moreover of the aims to target in the short and the long term.  From the discussion common problems emerged and different approaches were proposed to tackle them. The stay was particularly useful because we exchanged information not published yet about positive and negative results, which prompted new ideas for new experiments and tests to carry out. Moreover a group dynamic was started and the exchanges have continued so far so that everybody can benefit from the mutual progress.