Secondment of Andrzej Witkowskifrom US to UB

The major topics of the planned secondments in Brawijaya University were:

  • Searching for blue Haslea
  • Studying the biodiversity of non blue Haslea in Indonesia coastal waters
  • Transfer of knowledge: joint work with the Brawijaya University staff and students in Malang on isolation, maintenance in culture and identification of diatoms from samples taken in Indonesia coastal waters.


Activities during the field trips, sampling and laboratory work are illustrated on below photographs.



 Team work on sampling diatoms in Mini Beach and Tiga Warna in South Java. The letf photo, from left to the right: Prof. Yunianta, Ms. Arsad Sulastri, Prof. Yenny Risjani and Prof. Andrzej Witkowski. The right photo: sampling phytopalnkton in Tiga Warna Beach: Prof. Yenny Risjani and Prof. Andrzej Witkowski.



 Imaging life diatoms from Tiga Warna samples with the Brawijaya University staff.



Padina sp. sampled at the small Island of Kelor in the Flores/Komodo region, water depth 1 m.