First secondment of Lila Zebiri

During my postdoctoral position (Maliblue project, IMMM, MMS), I've been on secondement thanks to the GHaNA project to ISMER-UQAR in Rimouski, Canada. The aim of this internship was to work on the marennine produced by the 100 L photobioreactors developed in the UQAR laboratory.

I was able to test different HPLC and TLC systems on Rimouski marennine samples. I also tried a new resin (Sephadex) for the purification of the marennine, and tested the precipitation protocol (developed at Le Mans) on the blue water (marennine solution produced at ISMER). Besides, I was able to work on the algae pellet on which I tested various extraction solvents.

In addition, this trip allowed us a constructive exchange around the latest work and results achieved by the two teams at Le Mans and Rimouski. This has allowed us to make collective decisions about the problems encountered during the purification protocol and the important issues to be treated