1st secondment of Rebiha AdjoutUO to BEA

Rebiha Adjout from Université d'Oran was hosted by BEA and Emilio Soler Onis in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Previously, many works were carried out in different countries in order to isolate and identify some species of  blue - non blue  diatoms  of  the genus Haslea. In the present work, the primary objective is the isolation and identification of a new strain of diatoms (blue or non-blue) of  the genus Haslea from  Canary Islands, using scanning electron microscopy.

Sampling was conducted with Emilio Soler and Juan at different locations on Taliarte port, Province of Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain.

The isolation procedure consists of isolating cell by cell individually. This process is repeated until a one algal cell is free from all other protists, pure and can be confidently placed in a pure culture medium to be cultured in a growth chamber under conditions that approximate culture conditions for the strains of the genus Haslea for a week. The cells are sometimes examined by microscopy to verify their growth and purity.

In order to identify cells isolated from the sample of Taliarte port, a technique of analysis by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was put in place, using the model JEOL JSM-6380 LV Scanning Electron Microscope. 

It was an experience with full knowledge sharing with all members of BEA, especially since I learned how to make the isolation and identification of micro-algae.

Many thanks to all members of BEA, for their warm welcome, their kindness, their availability, and how they have put all the equipement that I needed for my work. Especially my supervisor Emilio, Juan, Yolanda, Noelia, Agueda, Mieria and Corina.