An Horizon 2020 project


GHaNA is funded by European Union research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 734708 / GHANA / H2020-MSCA-RISE-2016 and co-led by Le Mans Université, France and Cardiff University (UK).

It gathers 22 partners from 13 countries who collaborate to determine biological and chemical diversity of Haslea diatoms using biological, physiological and genomic approaches and, in the long run, to developp mass-scale production for viable industrial applications by maximising biomass production and associated high-value compound production.

The project will increase our functional knowledge about this original bioresource, with regard to global change, species competition, bio-optics and fitness.


    • Declics

      Pamela Pasetto participated to "Declics" meeting that took place on 12th december.

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    • Secondment of Jean-François Bardeau

      WP3: Screening for high-value products
      Jean François Bardeau from IMMM was hosted at UQAR-ISMER to work with Rejean Tramblay, Richard Saint-Louis and William Belanger.

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    • Secondment of Emmanuelle Billard

      WP7: Application to aquaculture
      Emmanuelle Billard from UM was hosted at UTAS - IMAS to work with Gustaaf Hallegraeff and Sarah Ugalde.

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    • Secondments of Chahinez Hamedi

      WP2: the bioresource
      After two secondments there, Chahinez is back to the university of Szczecin to work with Romain Gastineau and Andrzej Witkowski.

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    • First secondment of Sebastian von Rotz

      WP2: the bioresource, WP6 : blue biotechnology
      Sebastian, from ZHAW was hosted at Saigon university.

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