Production and processes

This work-package aims to Design photobioreactors (PBRs) specifically fitted for benthic microalgae (most Haslea species are), to adapt the culture modalities and growing conditions of industrial PBRs such as Microphyt's Camargue technology, to maximize growth of strains of interest, and the production of high-value compounds

Most Haslea species are benthic or tychopelagic organisms, not really suited for culture in conventional PBRs. Still, several partners in the GHaNA consortium have long experience in cultivating Haslea diatoms at the laboratory scale (≤ 103 L), ensuring producing enough biomass for laboratory analyses. However, for mass culture at the 'end-user scale' (>102-103 m3) different PBRs will be designed, adapted and tested in order to have an efficient  production.

Limiting factors will be identified to define their instrumentation models allowing the maintenance of optimal growth by computer control. Less efficient but more robust systems, already in use (batch mode, high surface/volume ratio PBR) will be considered as well. Complementary and downstream to the production, a biorefinery approach will be developed to manipulate and optimize culture and growth conditions for various species and strains and to maximise production of high-value compounds.

PBR Microphyt